Monday, March 15, 2021

The soulful solitude

The solitude doesn’t scare me, it’s the crowd that does

People with too many faces and heart with no feel

Chasing and running like a well tamed breed

Declaring the norms and shouting profanities

What so natural about them, they love to boast

It’s beyond my understanding, what exactly they loathe

It’s me or it’s someone choosing to live free

Like a blockhead they make a scene

Sabotaging a person’s existence with nothingness

Yes freedom can go haywire at times

But it’s my own damn choice what I choose to be

The strength to fail and the ability to rise again is power

A quality that takes years of expertise

Few years down the line I foresee myself

Dwelling somewhere Far and away

In solidarity with the nature

Living all the human emotions

In its most pious, deepest and heartfelt way


Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Mother Nature

When humans will turn their back on to you 

Overpowered with their reasons to bid good byes

Lost and bewildered 

You will have no shoulder to lean and cry

Nature will still be by your side

To embrace you in her arms and sing lullabies

Breathing yet artificial 

Part of Nature yet not natural

Oh! human what have you turned into

Don't let your soul turn too toxic

Stop before It's too late

Don't torment the nature

You can't survive her rage.

Monday, May 25, 2020

The Plight of a mother

They had no money, no home to stay safe
The streets and left over food were their only solace
At midnight, The cops rebuked and forced them to leave
Where could they return, they had no place
Woken up in a jiffy for a ridiculous emergency
Half asleep she went in search of another shade
Leaving behind her sleeping son
Unaware of the hatred the world has
In the arms of her little terrified daughter
For a long time the little girl kept awaiting but she did not return,
Alas She got up and holding the hands of her young brother
They went walking into the dark alley in hope to find her helpless mother
They lost whatever they had, the leftover food and their broken shade
The mother wept all night losing all hope
whom could she blame, the cops, the government, or herself
The little boy wiped her tear and held her tight
Her children gave her hope and a reason to try
They gave her what the world snatched and chose to deny

Thursday, May 21, 2020

A Traveler

It’s the love for nature that makes me a nomad

I could belong to none for reasons boundless

What could hold me back, left on its own

The heart seeks companionship in the moments of weakness

And it all turns out to be the same story I lived in the past

What my soul truly seeks is not one being or one place

It’s the excitement of knowing their wonderful stories

Meeting distinct humans and be part of their journeys

They may forget my name or how do I look like

But end of the day i get to touch so many lives

The joy of meeting and the pain of parting ways

If not a traveler who else get to live emotions so deep

So less we actually need to live and survive

Nature has it all; I am done with the damn grind

Life is too small and the universe is so enormous

This adrenaline rush, it keeps me alive

Saturday, April 18, 2020

I miss you

The list of all my worries wouldn’t add up to my fear of letting you go

The desire of having you here by my side also subside no more

What a strange situation we have gotten ourselves into

I get to hear your voice and see your face, but you are still far

I want more of you for me, and I want to be more for you

There are these dark gloomy days of me feeling lonely

And there are days when I am the most cheerful person alive

Sometimes I really don’t know how its gonna work out

Shall we settle down with what we have or strive for more

Being hopeful would be hoping too much

But not having you at all you scares me even more

Friday, April 10, 2020

The Good Old Days are Back Again

I feel like we are back in the good old days
When we use to wake up with the sun rays
When we had a decent living and ample family time
When we spent little of what we had
And saved more for the rainy days
When the habit of loans and Emi’s did not prevail
We happily rode bicycles and flaunt new bags
When new clothes were meant for occasions
And we happily look forward to family functions
When Evenings were meant for games
when night for bed time stories
when Rain meant joy and sun meant ice creams

When emotions were meant to be felt
And keeping promises strengthen our glory
When Humans were not such robot wannabes
Life was so simple, full and easy
We lived longer and laughed harder
When phones were only meant to connect us
To the people we knew by face
This obsession with apps and selfies
Makes you so quite an invisible at times

Is this really a loss or a blessing in disguise?
Isn’t this what we were craving for?
You aren’t lonely and you are not alone
We are all in this together
Let’s be thankful with all we have 
Smile, we are back in the good old days.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Be Strong

I am a woman and I want to be strong

Laugh and dance in my kind of song

Feel the breeze on my bare face

Walk on the path of unknown trails

Fear no soul and scare no body

Complete in my own little world

The city of the normal’s is just too crowdy

No I am not trying to be a man

I am a woman and I want to be strong